Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs

The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs is the highest level of decision making in the negotiation process. Decision is made by way of motion. All consultation and negotiations decisions and directions are obtained at this level. The Assembly meets on a monthly basis. The Assembly comprises of 12 NS Mi’kmaq Chiefs and 2 ex-officio members.
They are:

Chief Terrance J. Paul – Assembly Co-Chair, Fisheries, Mining and Finance Portfolios
Phone: 902-564-6466
Fax: 902-539-6645

Chief Sidney Peters – Assembly Co-Chair, Gaming Portfolio
Phone: 902-684-9788
Fax: 902-684-9890

Chief Deborah Robinson – Governance, Mi’kmaq Women and Urban Mi’kmaq Portfolios
Phone: 902-742-0257
Fax: 902-742-8854

Chief Gerald B. Toney
Annapolis Valley
Phone: 902-538-7149
Fax: 902-538-7734

Chief Leroy D.C. Denny – Education, Social and Parks Portfolios
Phone: 902-379-2800
Fax: 902-379-2172

Chief Carol Potter
L’sitkuk (Bear River)
Phone: 902-467-3802
Fax: 902-467-4143

Chief Robert Gloade
Phone:  902-897-9199
Fax: 902-893-4785

Chief Paul J. Prosper – Energy and Justice Portfolios
Phone: 902-386-2781
Fax: 902-386-2043

Chief Andrea Paul – Health Portfolio
Pictou Landing
Phone: 902-752-4912
Fax: 902-755-4715

Chief Wilbert Marshall – Culture, Heritage & Archaeology Portfolio
Phone: 902-535-3317
Fax: 902-535-3004

Chief Norman Bernard Sports & Recreation Portfolio
Phone: 902-295-2598
Fax: 902-295-3398

Chief Roderick Googoo – Lands, Wildlife & Forestry Portfolios
Phone: 902-756-2337
Fax: 902-756-2060

Ex-officio Members – Mi’kmaq Grand Council
Grand Chief- Ben Sylliboy
Grand Captain – Andrew Denny