Gillian Allen, LL.B, M.A. – Senior Researcher

Gillian Allen, who resides in Halifax, was selected as the Senior Research Analyst.  She completed B.A. in History at Dalhousie, followed by a law degree. After graduating from Dalhousie Law School in 1986, she practiced law in Halifax before returning to Saint Mary’s University to complete a Masters in Atlantic Canada Studies. Her thesis addressed the history of Crown Land management and regulation in Nova Scotia.
She spent 10 years as a claims researcher for the Treaty & Aboriginal Rights Research Centre/Nova Scotia, researching and preparing Specific Claims for the TARR Centre’s member bands and completing historic use and occupation studies for the Aboriginal Title Project, a joint initiative of UNSI and CMM. Gillian said,“When KMKNO sought a new Senior Research Officer, it was a natural fit. I get to keep doing what I love (crawling around archives & libraries) & the Mi’kmaq Nation in Nova Scotia gets the benefit of my long association with their concerns and objectives and knowledge of the research needs of the Negotiating Team.”