Twila Gaudet, BA, LL.B – Consultation Liaison

Twila Gaudet, from Glooscap First Nation, joined the team at the Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative in May 2007 to support the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs as the Consultation Liaison Officer.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Mount Saint Vincent University and it was at Dalhousie Law School where she completed her Bachelor of Law in 2000. She is a practicing Mi’kmaq lawyer and has been involved in the drafting, review process and the implementation of the Terms of Reference for a Mi’kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Consultation Process. This milestone document was ratified in August 2010 and sets out the process in which the Mi’kmaq shall be consulted on Crown decisions.

Twila has been instrumental in coordinating the Crown to Mi’kmaq consultation since its drafting and brings not only a practical but legal perspective to the consultation process.