Press Releases


Mi’kmaq Have a RIGHT to fish in Nova Scotia Waters    September 26, 2017
The Assembly celebrates Peter Julian’s induction into the East Hants Sport Hall of Fame      July 14, 2017

Mi’kmaq Frustrations Rise with In-Stream Tidal September 28, 2016
Mi’kmaq Concerned with In-Stream Tidal Development in the Bay of Fundy July 5, 2016
Assembly of NS Mi’kmaq Chiefs and Kameron Coal Sign Impact Benefits Agreement   June 7, 2016
Message from the Co-Chairs: We are Mi’kmaq. We are Family.   May 20, 2016
Mi’kmaq Chiefs respond to the Daniels Decision   April 21, 2016
Assembly Speaks Out About Sipekne’katik’s Involvement in Consultation on Alton Gas January 22, 2016
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Address Approvals for Alton Natural Gas Project    January 21, 2016

First Nations’ Social Case would have had a different outcome     December 1, 2015
Supreme Court of Canada Rejects Application to Hear Social Case   October 22, 2015
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Concerned with Shell’s Plans for Shelburne Basin Project August 13, 2015
Third Party Review of Alton Gas Complete   July 23, 2015
Chiefs Sign Interim Agreement on Sydney Marine Expansion   July 21, 2015
Mi’kmaq Chiefs React to the Auditor General’s Comments on Responsible Gambling   June 17, 2015
Heritage Gas Award Creates Misunderstanding   June 8, 2015
Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia Steward Management over Salmon Fishery   June 3, 2015
Contract Awarded for Third Party Review of Alton Gas Project  April 30, 2015
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Take Social Decision to the Supreme Court  March 25, 2015
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Concerned about New Legislation March 12, 2015
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Request Return of Church Altar    March 9, 2015

Mi’kmaq Chiefs Demand Respect for the Consultation Process: Alton Gas   October 23, 2014
KMKNO Position on the Sydney Harbour Divestiture   October 10, 2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Say Work Should Not Be Moving Ahead on Alton Gas   September 23, 2014
Chiefs Strongly Support Nova Scotia’s Decision on Hydraulic Fracturing  September 3, 2014
Mi’kmaq Rights Recognized in Hydraulic Fracturing Recommendations   August 28, 2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs in Nova Scotia Celebrate Supreme Court Decision in Tsilhqot’in Case June 30,2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Support Pictou Landing   June 12, 2014
Assembly Chiefs Voted to Forgo Library Location   June 5, 2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Offer Condolences to the Family of Chief Lawrence Paul   May 29, 2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Address Questions on Energy Consultation   March 31, 2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Offer Condolences to the Family of Loretta Saunders   February 27, 2014
Chief Peters Appointed as New Co-Chair of the Assembly   February 12, 2014
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Push for Answers on Fracking Wastewater Discussions    January 31, 2014

Maritime Link Update November 7, 2013
NS Mi’kmaq Chiefs Worried About Community Members at NB Fracking Protest October 17, 2013
Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Leaders Meet to Discuss Fisheries Mandate October 3, 2013
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Continue to Fight Decisions on Fracking
June 26, 2013
Atlantic Chiefs Headed to Court
June 18, 2013
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Working to Protect Gaspereau Lake
May 2, 2013
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Opposed to Recent Decision on Fracking Wastewater
March 27, 2013
Community Members Concerned about Negotiation Processes
February 28, 2013
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Take Necessary Steps to Protect Treaty Rights
February 22, 2013
Mi’kmaq Chiefs of NS and Port Hawkesbury Paper Sign a Memorandum of Understanding
January 31, 2013

Bill C-45: Mi’kmaq Chiefs Consider Legal Action
December 19, 2012
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Join Nationwide Opposition of Bill C-45
December 14, 2012
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Supports Community in Fracking Protest
September 21, 2012
Amherst Renewable Energy Project Moves Forward
September 18, 2012
Mi’kmaq of NS Sign Arrangement with Parks Canada
June 13, 2012
Mi’kmaq Chiefs Frustrated with DFO
June 8, 2012

Mi’kmaq Leaders Do Not Support Crown Land Sale for Upper Clements Park Expansion May 9, 2011
Churchill Hydro Project Raises Concerns of Mi’kmaq Leaders April 28, 2011
Development of an Aquaculture Farm in St. Mary’s Bay April 28, 2011

NS Mi’kmaq Sign Landmark Agreement August 31, 2010
NS Mi’kmaq Leaders Have Commenced Legal Action June 30, 2010
Assembly of NS Mi’kmaq Chiefs Say DFO Must Conserve Depleted Atlantic Salmon May 12, 2010
NS Announces Renewable Energy Plan April 23, 2010
Chief and Council Nationhood Conference April 1, 2010

NSP Extends Opportunities to Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia November 28, 2009
2nd Joint Meeting with Chief and NS Cabinet November 27, 2009
NS Mi’kmaq Chiefs Say NO! To Justice Lawyer, Alex M. Cameron October 28, 2009
10 Anniversary Marshall Decision September 17, 2009
Assembly’s Postion on Salmon Fishing in CB August 20, 2009
Assembly Supports Public Rally April 30, 2009
Mi’kmaq Leaders Conference March 13, 2009

Mi’kmaq Nation Proclamation Advisory October 1, 2008
First Joint Meeting Chief and NS Cabinet September 26, 2008
Youth and Elder Conference 2008 March 27, 2008
Chief and Council Conference on Consultation March 6, 2008
ANSMC Approve MEKS Protocol January 25, 2008