MEKS Protocol

In 2007, the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs developed the Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study Protocol (MEKSP) for the purpose of providing guidance in the development of MEK Studies. The Assembly recognized the significance of MEK Studies with respect to land and water development and their potential effects on Mi’kmaq Rights, and identified the need to ensure that MEK Studies were being developed in a professional and accountable manner.

The second edition of the MEKSP builds upon earlier successes and provides clarity on issues identified as requiring further comment. Specifically, the second edition includes language that indicates activities required when developing a Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study, clarifies the expectation of the Assembly, and increases accountability through specific requirements for proponents/companies to provide.  The 2nd Edition also addresses the issue of Consultation, the Duty to Consult and the role that MEK Studies contribute to the Consultation Process.

Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study Protocol – First Edition

Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study Protocol – Second Edition

MEKS Consultant List – List of Organizations who conduct MEKS in Nova Scotia