Harvesting Consultation

In the Fall of 2016 the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs and KMKNO received complaints from Mi’kmaq Harvesters about the number of ineligible hunters that were harvesting moose in the Cape Breton Highlands.

The Assembly told the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that this needed to be looked at and that the Mi’kmaq should be responsible to identify eligible harvesters.

The  Assembly’s Lead Chief for Lands, Wildlife and Forestry, met with the Ministers of DNR and the Department of Environment on and also with the Premier of Nova Scotia to discuss this issue further.

At these meetings, the Province agreed with the Assembly that “…someone who is not Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia (in other words, is instead a self-identified Métis, a member of a Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Band, or a member of another non-Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia Aboriginal people) does not have Aboriginal or Treaty harvesting rights in this Province”.

The Assembly, with the support of KMKNO, has begun the process of developing “Mi’kmaq Resource Access Cards”.  These Cards will become the best way to identify Mi’kmaq harvesters and will help the Mi’kmaq to determine who can Rightfully harvest under our Treaties. Federally-issued Status Card from the 13 Mi’kmaq communities will also be accepted by DNR.

Assembly Resolution:  Resolution Respecting Proposed Changes to Harvester Documentation Feb 24, 2017

Letter to DNR regarding the Consultation and Mi’kmaq of NS Harvester Identification March 23, 2017

Speech given at the Nova Scotia Hunter and Anglers Conference   March 25, 2017

Community Notice:  Harvester Identification   August 15, 2017

Community Notice: Increased Patrols on Hunter’s Mountain   August 28, 2017