Mi’kmaq Input on Culture, Heritage and Archaeology

Mi’kmaq Input on Culture, Heritage and Archaeology

By: Adam Gould, Tripartite Forum and Crystal Dorey, KMKNO


The Culture, Heritage and Archaeology Working Group (CHA WG) of the Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn Negotiation Office/Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative (KMKNO) is currently conducting research on Mi’kmaw culture, heritage and archaeology.


As part of the Tripartite Forum’s Culture and Heritage work plan, the goal of this research is to produce a database (e-scan) on the management, protection, preservation, interpretation, and promotion of culture, heritage and archaeology for the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia. It will assist the work of the CHA WG, which includes representatives from KMKNO, the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq and the Mi’kmaq Association for Cultural Studies.


Project Researcher, Tanya Johnson-MacVicar, will be contacting both Mi’kmaw and non-Mi’kmaw organizations to learn more about the culture, heritage and archaeology activities that are taking place with respect to the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia.


Tanya Johnson-MacVicar is a Mi’kmaq woman from Potlotek First Nation. She has worked for the Mi’kmaq community for over ten years, including the Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network, Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq and the Atlantic Policy Congress. Most recently, Tanya and her husband have returned to Cape Breton to raise their son close to his Mi’kmaq family. Having worked for Alberta as a Judicial Court Clerk, Tanya is “truly excited and humbled to begin working again with the Mi’kmaq”.


The database will be used to support Mi’kmaw decision-making and to coordinate and bring together the activities and resources which serve the management, planning and communication needs of Mi’kmaw culture, heritage and archaeology – as defined by the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia. The e-scan and database will also provide the Mi’kmaq with tools to develop procedures, to help achieve visions for our own culture, heritage and archaeological goals.


If your organization is involved in the management, promotion, protection, preservation and or interpretation of culture, heritage and archaeology of the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia please contact Tanya by January 16, 2013. We look forward to the opportunity to speak and further discuss the role that you or your organization is actively providing Mi’kmaq culture, heritage and archaeology.


Funding for this project was provided by the Tripartite Forum Project Fund which supports their working committee’s valuable initiatives, to benefit the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia.


For more information or to participate on the e-scan project, contact Tanya at:


Tanya Johnson-MacVicar

Researcher-Archaeology Division