The Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative is conducted through a series of meetings with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia, theĀ Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada. Mi’kmaq Rights and Title will be protected during negotiations through legal clauses that ensure rights will not be prejudiced.

During the negotiations, we will conduct research and meet with the Mi’kmaq communities. We will research a variety of options and approaches to current Aboriginal and Treaty issues, such as land claims and self-governance. And we will be coming to the Mi’kmaq constituents to seek input and direction.

With this input, we will present our recommendations to the other two parties, and then work with them to find ways to reach consensus.

We will not agree to anything until directed by the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs. They will seek to act by consensus, with the concurrence of all 11 memberĀ Chiefs. The Chiefs, in turn, will make sure they have the support of their Councils and communities.

Letter from INAC on Comprehensive Claims Policy March 7, 2017