KMKNO’s Archaeology Research Division (ARD) was given the mandate to protect archaeological resources and burials by the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs.

The ARD has been around since the beginning of KMKNO, though its activities have adapted and expanded over time in response to the growing relationships and demands on the Assembly, the Negotiations Team and the Consultation Department.  In the beginning, archaeology was primarily engaged in supporting the Negotiations Team. Today, with the piloting and ratification of the consultation process under the Consultation Terms of Reference, the ARD is heavily involved with the consultation process to ensure that the archaeological resources and burials left by Mi’kmaw ancestors are equitably and appropriately protected.

The ARD continues to support the Negotiations Team, doing a variety of research including archaeological, landscape and archaeological policy-related initiatives and similarly supports the Assembly.

ARD Supporting Documents:

Principles of Mi’kmaw Ancestral Remains Protocols

Statement of Principles Regarding Archaeological Resources

Culture, Heritage and Archaeology Strategic Plan/ Keknue’k Kisutasik

English Version
Mi’kmaw Version

Archaeology Newsletter:  From the Ground Up

Issue #1 – May 2013
Issue #2 – Special Bulletin – Boat Harbour
Issue #3 – March 2016