Encana Fund

The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs and Encana Corporation have created a $3 million fund to be used for the Mi’kmaq. The objective of the fund is to create a balance between the development of the Mi’kmaq business community, Mi’kmaq training initiatives, Research and Development and Mi’kmaq science. The fund is to generate benefits where one segment (ie: business) can affect a positive development in another sector (ie: R&D).

The Encana Fund is set up to:

·         address the basic skills needs of Mi’kmaq looking to work in the oil and gas industry; or

·         help Mi’kmaq entrepreneurs who are seeking procurement/development opportunities in this sector;

·         address more advanced desires of the Mi’kmaq to participate in the science and technological aspects of the industry though research and development and;

·         provide support for our communities in science and technology education, training, scholarships, etc.

Projects must be submitted to the Benefits Officer to be eligible for the Encana Fund using the project proposal application form. The Benefits Officer will work with applicants to help them through the application process. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Benefits Committee and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs.

The Benefits Officer at KMKNO, working with the Mi’kmaq Benefits Committee and the Assembly will oversee the fund to ensure that the limited monies are spent in the most meaningful and responsible manner.

Encana Fund Guidelines and Application Form