Bill C-45 Supporting Information

KMKNO Newsletter – Special Edition: Bill Overview – January 2013
Flyers to be distributed at rallies
December 13, 2012 Press Release – Mi’kmaq Chiefs Join Nationwide Opposition of Bill C45
December 19, 2012 Press Release –  Bill C-45: Mi’kmaq Chiefs Consider Legal Action
Public Service Alliance of Canada – We are all affected:
Minutes from the Assembly’s presentation to the Standing Senate Committee:
Letter from Chief Theresa Spence to Chiefs and Grand Chiefs – January 15, 2013
Notice from AFN – Safety and Security During National Action Plan


Letters sent from the Assembly of NS Mi’kmaq Chiefs:

Letter to Minister Ashfield on the Fisheries Act – May 4, 2012
Letter to Senators on the Fisheries Provisions – May 30, 2012
Letter to Prime Minister Harper – December 18, 2012
Letter to Premier Dexter – January 11, 2013

Sample letter that you can personalize and send:
Open Letter for Community Members

Who can you send this letter to?

Nova Scotia’s Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
Canada’s Members of Parliament (MP)
Ministers for the Government of Canada
Senators for the Government of Canada