Mi’kmaq Governance and Cultural Centre

During the ‘90s and the first decade of 21st Century, Nova Scotia Chiefs passed a number of important Resolutions supporting the development of a Mi’kmaq governance and cultural centre. Over this period, the concept has been further developed and significantly refined through collaborative input from many within the Mi’kmaq community of Nova Scotia.

The vision for the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq governance and cultural centre project is twofold:

  • Enhanced governance for the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia; and
  • A venue in which to showcase Mi’kmaq culture and arts to residents and visitors.

Together the two components will be lively and inviting; on the one hand, a formal place of Mi’kmaq governance, where the process is open, transparent and accessible.

Mi’kmaq Chiefs place a high value on consultation with Mi’kmaq communities and Mi’kmaq organizations. This consultation continues in respect to this initiative and will be helpful in finalizing the building design and in branding.