Nestled along the shore of the beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes is our First Nation community of Eskasoni, the largest Aboriginal community in all of Atlantic Canada. Deeply rooted within Eskasoni is the Mi’kmaq culture. We are proud to say that we are home to the largest Mi’kmaq speaking community with close ties to traditional culture and beliefs.
Over the last several years, Eskasoni has made great strides in developing a solid infrastructure on which to grow and prosper. The community has its own community operated school system from kindergarten to grade 12. Economic development is growing and new development is welcomed in the community. Just take a look at the new Eskasoni Supermarket and our community rink. We are proud to offer many large and small businesses within Eskasoni, some of which are community owned. We also have a large private-sector base.
The community of Eskasoni has a proud history of supporting its young population with events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle among its four thousand community members. With a dedication to improving the lives of its future generation, the Eskasoni community strives to be culturally rich and respectful of its ecosystem based on concepts of shared responsibility. The word Eskasoni is derived from a Mi’kmaq word “We’kwistoqnik.” Literally translated, this word means “where the fir trees are plentiful.”

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