Gloocap First Nation is named after the legendary hero of the Mi’kmaq. Glooscap was formed in the early 1800’s in conjunction with the Micmac Missionary Society. Silas T.Rand settled in Hantsport in 1855, with the hopes of encouraging the Indians to settle closer to him. Although he had no intention of remaining there, he wrote to the society stating that there was 450 acres, available to purchase for £375, which would be an ideal location for a reserve. This spot was surrounded by woodlands, but was close enough to town limits that they could make a living in the market place. On February 6, 1907, this land was transferred to his Majesty the King, for use as an Indian Reserve for the Indians in the Province of Nova Scotia.

When Annapolis Valley Band was created, there were 160 residents residing on communities that were nearly 30 kilometers apart. Therefore, as time went by, Glooscap felt that they did not have adequate service delivery, and felt that a separation from Annapolis Valley was inevitable. In June of 1984 the two communities were separated and Glooscap became the 13th Mi’kmaw Band in Nova Scotia. Originally know as Horton, Glooscap officially changed their name in 2001.