Paqtnkek is located in Antigonish County. The name Paqtnkek holds a distinctive meaning “by the bay.” It is a vibrant growing community where the youth represent approximately 50% of the population. The hope of our nation lies with our children.

Paqtnkek is the stopping point coming into Unama’ki and going out to Unama’ki. Paqtnkek is abundant in Eels, the Marshall dispute started here in Paqtnkek down Walneg and Antigonish Harbour. Donald Marshall Jr. was charged in Pomquet Harbour for fishing Eels.

Paqtnkek in the past was the main geographical area. With all the activities happening in Louisburg with the war we would gather and settle here in the area. Paqtnkek is the grassroot home for many people that were affected by centralization. All the Chiefs would meet in Paqtnkek because this is the central location.

Paqtnkek maintains a close relationship with their Treaty and Aboriginal Rights by refusing to sign any agreements that may infringe upon future rights and exercising our rights to our children. We sacrificed as a band by not signing any agreements with Government because we care about the future of our children and their rights.