Potlotek (Chapel Island) is an island that is 300 yards off the community that takes her name. The Island is home to the Mi’kmaq Grand Council, a traditional government that has perhaps existed since time immemorial, certainly before contact. Although no one resides on the sacred site year round, in the summer things change. Late July to early August find the island teeming with people. The people come to the island to celebrate the Feast of St. Ann, the patron saint of the Mi’kmaq. Surveys have revealed that in some past years attendance has swelled to upwards of 8000 people. The feast has been ongoing since mid 1700s. In recent years, the Island was designated as a National Heritage Site, of which a monument was erected on
the mainland side of the reserve for people to view. In 2010, the 400-year anniversary of St. Anne’s Mission was celebrated.

The Community of Chapel Island is proud of the recent initiatives with its economic development with the construction and completion of the new store-gas bar which houses Robins Donuts, a Rite Stop, Esso and Video Lottery Terminals which has provided a valuable resource of revenue thus providing employment opportunities for our community residents. Chapel Island has also constructed a new School Board Office which houses the Education Department; Capsite; Resource Centre and is presently entertaining the Literacy Training by providing GED to some of its residents, so that this will enable them to continue on with further study through Education.

Other band buildings include the Chapel Island Community Hall/Kateri Chapel; Chapel Island Daycare; Youth Centre; RCMP Building; Medical Centre; Fisheries with its Oyster Plant and Fishery Building; Chapel Island Fire Hall; Water Department; Mikmawey School. Another outstanding feature is the Water Tower which provides the reserve with it’s water supply that is pumped from Indian Lake.